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Parohia Greco-Catolică Română Youngstown (Boardman), SUA

  • Nume oficial: St. Mary Romanian Catholic Church
  • Adresa bisericii: 7782 Glenwood Avenue, Boardman, OH 44512-5823 (Ohio)
  • Sfânta Liturghie: duminică: 10.30 am
St. Mary Romanian Catholic Church Youngstown (Boardman), SUA

Program liturgic (text în limba engleză):

  • Sundays: 
    • 10:00 AM - Rosary
    • 10:30 AM - Holy Liturgy
  • Feast Days:
    • 5:00 PM (Pre-Feastal Day) - Vesperal Liturgy 
  • Confessions:
    • upon request
  • All Liturgies are chanted in English following the Romanian melody


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Albume foto:

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Scurt istoric (text în limba engleză):

  • The first Romanian immigrants came to Youngstown, Ohio at the turn of 20th century. They worked in factories and tried to adapt themselves to the traditions and culture of their new adoptive country. Being religious people, the Romanian immigrants felt the need to establish a parish.
  • The parish was founded on Christmas Eve, 1906. The pastors, who preached, taught and interwove the two worlds, are as follows:
    Rev. Fr. Corneliu Lenghel
    Rev. Fr. Epaminondas Lucaciu
    Rev. Fr. Alexandru Nicolescu, D.D.
    Rev. Fr. Aureliu Hatiegan
    Rev. Fr. Alexandru Pop
    Rev. Fr. Aurel Voda
    Rev. Fr. John Spatariu
    Rev. Fr. John Pavel
    Rev. Fr. John Ciungu
    Rev. Fr. Konstantin Brown
    Rev. Fr. George D. Gage (current)
  • The congregation and their pastor, Rev. John Pavel, decided to relocate the church to a place more accessible to the majority of parishioners. In August 18, 1979, the new St. Mary's Church in Boardman, Ohio was dedicated, and the first Divine Liturgy was celebrated by most of the Romanian Catholic clergy.
  • We give praises to the Almighty Father for His blessing upon this church, its tireless people, and many friends and benefactors.
  • St. Mary's is open to everyone who loves or is interested in the Byzantine Tradition. We welcome everyone!
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  • 23 septembrie 2017

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